Jesus as the Divine Agent of God

The Judges as Legends of the Two Kingdoms



Armageddon, by Bart Ehrman

Mark & the Crucifixion


The Judges as Legends of the Two Kingdoms

The Formation of Genesis 1–11, by David Carr

Rethinking the Dates of the New Testament, by Jonathan Bernier

Habakkuk & the Gods of Israel

Jesus Existed

Jeremiah’s New Covenant

Luke & the Infancy of Jesus


Jesus as the Divine Agent of God

Jesus & the Destruction of the Temple

The Gospel of Thomas

Golden Calves & Israel’s Origins

Revelations, by Elaine Pagels

Paul & the Sin of Adam


Zerubbabel in the Prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah

The Imminent End in the New Testament and Early Christian Literature


Matthew & the Infancy of Jesus

Isaiah & the Suffering Servant

Jesus & the Syro-Phoenician ‘Dog’

Isaiah & the Demise of Babylon

Genesis’ Genealogies in Alternate Text Traditions


The Shepherd of Hermas

Exodus & Parallels in Other Ancient Near Eastern Law Codes

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Two Cities

Mark & the Transfiguration


The Family of King Saul

Paul & the Resurrection of Jesus


When the Gospel of Mark Was Written

The Patriarchs & the Exodus

Cain, Noah, & Babel

Eden, Adam, & Eve

Ezekiel’s Prophecies in Chronological Order

The Origins of Yahweh


The Revelation of John & Divine Violence

Jesus & Divine Violence

The Origins of the Angel of Yahweh

The Origins of Demons

The Origins of the Cherubim & Seraphim

Six Hundred Sixty-Six

Daniel & the Seventy Weeks

Daniel & Predicting the Past



Goliath’s Deaths

Paul & Submission to the Roman Empire

The Origins of Leviathan

Isaiah & the ‘Son Born to Us’

‘New Jerusalem’ Traditions

Balaam’s Prophecy for Moab