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A book of books

A book of books

A minor project I have been working on, sporadically, over the last year is a ‘book of books’, a document which summarizes (sometimes badly) a wide range of ancient texts including and related to the books of the Bible. Each summary includes an approximate date when the text was written, an explanation for its title, a synopsis of its contents, and comments on theories of authorship and origins. I do not consider this project finished (especially since, I am sure, there are formatting or factual errors I will need to sift through), nor do I think it will be particularly helpful for anyone other than myself, but I have made an iteration available to download here.

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  1. This reminds me of Moreschini's and Norelli's two-volume set on early Christian literature. I turn to it with some regularity so I think this will be useful too. Any plans to add a bibliography pointing to a version of the "book" and a few scholarly resources about it?