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A Bible Darkly recently received a large update. Three reasons came together which prompted this:

  1. Code under the hood was getting tangled, and some unfinished pages had essentially been abandoned.
  2. I decided to open up a space for more casual ‘blog’ posts (such as what you are reading right now) than the longform articles I write a few times a year.
  3. The design needed a refresh, especially for certain elements which were not mobile-friendly.

This included a new homepage layout, which shows posts in chronological order and with category labels. The old navigation menu, which was buried at the bottom of the page in a footer, is now available at all times from the top-right of the page. The old homepage layout, which simply listed the longform articles, can be found in this new menu. Related to this, some of the shorter items on that list have been demoted to blog posts.

I am still catching a few glitches caused by the design changes, so if you find one that has been around a while and think I have not noticed it yet, feel free to leave a comment or email.

Also, in the process of swapping in the updates, I accidentally wiped all the content on my website: articles, images, and comments. I had fortunately just made a backup right before this happened, but restoration required reuploading all images manually. It also appears to have broken the connection between non-anonymous comments and the accounts which had posted them.

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